Start A New Challenge With An Exciting Education Franchise

Exciting Education Franchise

Enjoy the joys of working with RoboThink and the satisfaction of working with kids as a RoboThink franchisee. It’s time to change the way of education through STEM learning. 

RoboThink trains students based on STEM learning. This covers core subjects which are science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We are working in over 27 countries around the world and are located in more than 100 places. As an Edu-franchise, RoboThink paves the way to spread STEM knowledge to children of all ages. Inspire young engineers with 21st-century skills. We are announcing a new curriculum that is going to shape the future of education. Problem-solving skills, critical thinking, decision making, and communication are some skills that you will introduce to children.

Unique Education Franchise You Will Enjoy

You can bring magic in your community by engaging little children through STEM programs. We are unique in our approach and use unique materials that have our RoboThink patent. Though there are several off the shelf educational programs, we offer our programs based on our unique RoboThink proprietary hardware. Each part of our educational content has been carefully crafted by a team of experts. Value and quality is the chief priority placed in our content and kids can learn simple coding.

  • RoboThink curriculum has educational value and is rich in art quality. Each part of our extensive library contains education STEM content of the best quality.
  • RoboThink educational Software is unique to our educational franchise. Our STEM programs are based on the proprietary hardware of RoboThink. It is our creation that has been brought after much research and carries our patent.

Satisfaction in Working with Children

As a franchisee, you can capture the heart and imagination of each student who enrolls in your center. You can build your clientele by working as a network with schools in the neighborhood, libraries, and park districts. You can conduct educational workshops that attract children, especially during summer and winter breaks, with hands-on engineering projects. Children from 5 to 15 years are taught to build, design, and code robots of all sizes and shapes. The robots function and perform simple tasks controlled by students. Children love the realistic world of robots and parents greatly appreciate the practical teaching involved, as children are equipped with critical 21-century skills.

Change the Future with STEM educational courses

It’s time to change the educational system. The traditional model of education of learning theories from books and writing exams with book knowledge has to change. 21st-century skills have to be introduced to children and the love for learning has to grow. As a franchisee you will be provided with our patented educational kit and children will be able to use a mainboard, controller, motor, wheel, sensor, heavy cell, light cell, axle, gear, and many more, easily. Each child will build a fully functional umanoid robot. This is why, a coding franchise will make a difference.

STEM educational courses

Become a RoboThink Franchise Owner

If you are interested in opening your RoboThink franchise, it involves a very simple process. You have to fill out our contact form. We will then arrange for a call with our RoboThink Chief Development Officer and he will give details of our wonderful programs, our patented proprietary hardware, and software packages. You will then meet our franchise management team to know more about our teamwork. Once you have the required information and agree to our terms and conditions, you will be trained by a Science Education Franchise to impart STEM learning in your very own educational center. 

Inspire kids to love coding at your learning center. Kids learn coding through fun and you will enjoy the transformation in your students as they find hidden talents opening up within them. Out of 100 STEM occupations, 83 percent of them have wages placed above the national average, according to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The need for STEM learning is growing.

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