Closing the UK skills gap using hands-on robotics

As an enthusiast in education, you can bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and true industrial requirements through hands-on-robotics education. At RoboThink, we help you teach fundamental STEM concepts along with Robotics through a learning platform that gives priority to hands-on experimentation. STEM fields which include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are very important to […]

Bringing creativity into STEM

Kids playing and learning with STEM Programs

Imparting life skills is what education is all about. Children learn various skills through STEM education to conquer the world with their fresh minds such as those provided by RoboThink.  Creativity is the ability to trigger young minds towards innovative learning so that every individual voice is heard. Education franchise opportunities have helped in bringing […]

How Schools Can Benefit from RoboThink during the Lockdown Period

Kids Looking at Laptop

The Coronavirus pandemic may have halted the entire world, but the human mind continues its active pace. RoboThink, a STEM education company, is on a drive to tap young minds during this lockdown period. RoboThink is The struggle to educate your children at home can now begin at RoboThink, as STEM-related jobs are on the […]

What makes RoboThink programs the best?

Class Working

There are many different robotics and coding programs in your community. What makes RoboThink’s programs unique and better? 1 One-of-a-kind Robotics Hardware Look around and almost certainly, the robotics and coding program in your area will be based off of the LEGO® robotics platform. Many STEM providers simply purchase or re-use off-the-shelf LEGO® kits and publicly available […]