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Robotics for Kids

Let us help students shape the future. United Kingdom STEM curriculum has to change and the change is going to start at RoboThink. If you are an education-minded person and are interested in starting a business for your living, you can contact us at RoboThink to develop tomorrow’s leaders today.

RoboThink is an edutainment franchise that emphasizes STEM learning, which are Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics. As a franchisee, you can provide STEM learning in the local community where you live by integrating with the United Kingdom Stem curriculum. You will be serving the community through STEM learning and will be earning profits by starting your own business as a RoboThink Franchise. Once you enter our RoboThink circle, you will be provided with the necessary materials to start your business targeting the promotion of Robotics for kids in Hornsey. Improve spatial awareness through themed programs.

Importance of STEM Education

STEM jobs are set to grow at 13 percent, compared to non-STEM jobs which have a projected growth of only 9 percent. Hence, parents are willing to spend extra to equip their children with the latest technical education so that they can build robots and get skills that are going to decide their future careers. As 93 percent of those with STEM background had wages above the average income of the nation, priority is given to STEM learning. This is where a STEM Education Franchise will make a difference. They will help children develop critical thinking, problem-solving skill, and visual coding program. Once STEM disciplines are taught in a fun and easy manner, they truly appreciate these subjects. Let us educate our children in STEM disciplines.

Robotics for Kid

Edutainment Franchise

RoboThink franchise program provides an established curriculum. We provide support services and proprietary materials to spread the light of education to young kids of all ages. Build childhood researchers to fill tomorrow’s job requirements.

  • You will run your own education business through stem education courses. You will help society by providing educational activity for kids in your neighborhood.
  • RoboThink will provide its hardware and software that you can use as a franchisee.
  • Our curriculum is established and you can teach with our proprietary material that is unique to RoboThink. All our materials are developed to spark student imagination so that children can learn, communicate, enjoy, and be entertained.
  • You will be provided with laptops, sensors, and gears to teach children.
  • As a STEM Education Franchise,  we ensure that our programs are specialized turnkey robotics programs that are tested by engineers, teachers, and experts to provide the best learning methods.
  • You can work with daycares, private schools, recreation centers, home school students, and school districts to provide STEM education.

Specialized Learning for Children

  • All classes are interesting and educational with creative projects.
  • We offer fun classes, workshops, camps, and events that provide the required knowledge for small children.
  • We ensure that children gain knowledge in STEM so that they can face their future careers with confidence through STEM educational courses.
  • Critical knowledge, problem-solving, and high-order thinking is inculcated into young minds which helps children connect with today’s technology easily.
  • Lessons are integrated with enough screen time and with enjoyable themes that will be useful to all students.



Patented Robotics Kit

RoboThink has designed and manufactured a patented line of flexible robotics kits that is easy to use. The kit works on graphical coding software which can be used by children of all ages. Children can quickly grasp the knowledge to build and code robots using our patented kit and equipment. Our kit develops a love for learning among children. RoboThink kit is specially designed by childhood experts so that children will learn critical 21st-century skills. They will come up with the best innovative STEM programs.

Once education is made fun and easy, teaching becomes simpler.

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