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Themed Camps

As a franchisee, you will discover the joy of RoboThink themed camps, where children enjoy every moment spent here.

Camps provide a good opportunity for children to explore things away from home. School vacation is a time to enjoy and discover. Themed camps are great places for children to become creative, to enjoy, to educate, to communicate, to ask questions, and get equipped with critical 21st-century skills.

Summer camps for kids

Camps are places of self-learning and self-discovery. It is a fun play for children aged between 5 and 14, as they ask questions, come up with answers, make decisions, and put their imagination into action. As a franchisee, you will help children get exposure to coding, robotics, and engineering concepts very early in life. It induces love for science and learning. Each day in the camp is unique and runs along with a schedule that will help in the development and education process of children. As a franchisee, you will have the satisfaction of working with kids and a chance to change the future generation towards STEM learning.

You can also establish a Robotics Club in Stanmore that the kids can join to get accustomed with modern robotics.

Summer camps for kids

RoboThink Themed Camps

RoboThink Themed camps are offered at three different levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Camps are offered as weekly or monthly packages.

  • Camping children are encouraged to invent solutions to real-world problems. It makes them innovative.
  • Garden themed camp is time spent outdoors where campers can plant and tend to the garden. Children appreciate the fruits of their intense labor and see science in nature.
  • Digital themed camp is a time for children to create their own app, try a hand in video game coding, creating a green screen, and design a Minecraft amusement park. It inspires kids to learn and code robots through STEM learning.
  • Books and Movies are a theme that kids like, as pop culture is the rage of interest in young minds, such as Narnia, fairy tales, and Star Wars.
  • Space themed camp is a universally popular theme that attracts children of all ages, especially when it involves launching rockets, satellites, telescopes, and other creative projects. 
  • Water camps in summer are a chief attraction, especially when you are near a beach or an ocean. Children love to build sandcastles, water dials, explore the ocean, create a water slide, build a submersible, etc.
  • Environment themed camp is a time to explore the environment around us, watch birds and animal habits, recycling objects, purifying water bodies, etc., which encourages children to understand the value of nature and the environment.
  • Sports theme camp encourages children to be natural athletes. Even children who do not love sports will enjoy the camp. Kids love to create new games, involve in healthy activities, Olympic sports, etc.

Inspiring Kids Camp Themes


As a franchisee, your Robotics themed summer camps will introduce your students to the robotics world. Tech enthusiasts love the Robotics Program as STEM experiments for kids make it interesting. Children from K-12 can use RoboThink exclusive robotics kit to build robots of all sizes and shapes. Children love to bring little robots to life in an open learning environment. Robotics program provides hands-on engineering projects where children can design and build robots of their favorite choice, size, and functions. Children learn about programming, motors and sensors, gears and axles, and mainboards and make use of them to build robots and make them function. This is where the STEM Clubs in Hornsey make all the difference.

Reports say that 86 percent of Americans feel that STEM-trained workers are necessary to maintain the nation’s place in the world economy. As a franchisee, you will help children transcend into the next generation learning as RoboThink products are designed by teachers and engineers in the field. At RoboThink camps, we are aligned with Next Gen Science Standards, which gives a better understanding of the practical world to children.

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