Does the UK have the STEM skills to keep up in a changing world?

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STEM education is taking the world by storm in this changing world.  

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education is helping the current generation to adapt to the changes happening in the world. STEM is providing a conducive atmosphere to handle the changes in the world and problems associated with it, but it is getting a “Poor deal from the government”, says Sir James Dyson, billionaire, and entrepreneur of Dyson Ltd. 

The Royal Academy of Engineering states that STEM is important to the prosperity of Britain. There has been an increase in the number of students taking up STEM subjects by 20 per cent from the year 2010, but efforts have to step up, it says. Also, Dr Hayaatun Sillem, the CEO of the Royal Academy of Engineering says that STEM skills are required to address complex global challenges like climate change and pandemics. 

It requires a solid knowledge base in sectors like science and math for rapid innovation and progress in the UK. Young students need more support to explore STEM-related concepts. Globalization is bringing in changes in this knowledge-based economy. Students have to develop their knowledge of STEM to face the challenges of the world. 

This is where RoboThink comes in, to develop young minds to become skilled people who can collaborate and meet the challenges of the changing world. To make the United Kingdom a world leader, it is critical to impart STEM education to children. By bringing this education to our students in school, it will spark an interest in them to pursue a STEM career. Unless children have the right knowledge, they cannot carry on real-world applications. 

STEM skills have been adding value to important industrial sectors. The United Kingdom requires knowledge-intensive, high-value skills to face challenges in the competitive global world, which are some of the efforts taken up by RoboThink. 

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills has made a call for a wider range of options that combines both studies and work to bring in high-level technical education to meet the country’s skill needs. STEM skills have to be reviewed to meet the labour market and to meet the future development of the country.  International benchmarking has stated that science and innovation in the UK continue to be hampered by weakness in the STEM talent of its children. This deficit in domestic STEM talent is addressed at RoboThink.

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