Bringing creativity into STEM

Kids playing and learning with STEM Programs

Imparting life skills is what education is all about. Children learn various skills through STEM education to conquer the world with their fresh minds such as those provided by RoboThink.  Creativity is the ability to trigger young minds towards innovative learning so that every individual voice is heard. Education franchise opportunities have helped in bringing such effective learning to individual students.

Education pervades into every aspect of our life. When theoretical knowledge is integrated with practical application, it provides a rich experience. At RoboThink, children are allowed to experiment, share ideas, collaborate with peers, and get an insight into meaningful knowledge to tap the creativity in them. 

According to a report published by The Durham Commission on Creativity and Education in October 2019, it says that children are not pitchers to be filled by facts. They require skills to perform well in the workforce and society which is achieved through critical thinking and imaginative ideas. 

Creativity should run throughout the school life of young children. When different ideas are provided and solutions are generated in surprising ways to solve problems, creativity enters into the spotlight. RoboThink develops the classroom culture to tap into creative minds so that students gain support, encouragement, and enthusiasm. 

The education sector in various schools does not allow for imagination. But once your child gets into STEM learning, the thirst for experimentation and exploration will not diminish. Perseverance becomes a way of life. STEM which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics becomes a part of life, especially as online teaching is gaining importance supported by franchises. The various STEM activities at Robothink, provide hands-on training for young minds to keep them on par with children of other competing countries. The U.S. Department of Commerce states that STEM degree holders are able to outshine with a higher income than those with non-STEM careers.  

The International Journal of STEM Education by Li, Froyd, and Wang, 2019, states that there is a growing importance of STEM education in the international market. Creative thinking and imagination play a useful role to bring in independent and meaningful ideals. Students learn to develop their minds in their own unique way to find solutions to various problems. Online classes are gaining ground, especially during this time of COVID 19. Be a part of the change. Robo Think welcomes franchisees to take part in this revolutionary method of imparting knowledge through STEM teaching.

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