An opportunity arises from the pandemic: Kids code from home and have fun

An Opportunity Arises from the Pandemic: Kids Code from Home and Have Fun

Keeping children at home is tough during these pandemic days of COVID 19.  During these self-isolation days, RoboThinks is helping parents with various online resources.  We have a range of online learning solutions, mainly for the children in the elementary and secondary stages. Your kids will learn to exercise their imagination so that they are naturally motivated. 

Being Creative in a Fun Way

Tech tools, games, and apps provide some entertainment for small children during these days of “forced holidays”. Parents are uncertain about their children’s education and learning. But they are rising to the challenging times by drawing inspiration from online resources. It’s a challenging task but at RoboThinks we keep them engaged, especially when they are at home during the holidays. Through online teaching, your child can get introduced to JavaScript, Scratch, HTML and CSS, Responsive Design, Python, MySQL, Git, and WordPress. 

Practical Knowledge through Coding

With computer programming gaining importance, children can learn real languages and tools from experienced teachers with engineering backgrounds. Visual block interfaces are available to teach them how to code, according to their age. When kids create something that works, it gives them confidence and a sense of achievement. 

Further, when they learn to code at RoboThinks, children can learn other skills such as communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Children love coding as it is highly interesting. Coding shows the practical importance of Math in real life. As coding statements contain mathematical expressions, they learn to apply them in the program to make things work.

Preparing Kids for the Future

Creating projects in a play-way method is fun and exciting. Your child can start to code from the age of 5 or 6. It is easy to teach kids programming. Teaching gains value when the attitude and mindset of children are understood. Your child can advance to the next level with the right resources. Writing programs will help your child in the future. The human-digital concept is important for kids to understand the technology that surrounds them now, as it will prepare them for the future. Help your child learn to build simple games and websites as out-of-class activities to prepare them for the world of computers, programming, and coding. RoboThinks is now teaching kids a few coding language skills that employees at Amazon and Google are using at their workplace.

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