How Schools Can Benefit from RoboThink during the Lockdown Period

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The Coronavirus pandemic may have halted the entire world, but the human mind continues its active pace. RoboThink, a STEM education company, is on a drive to tap young minds during this lockdown period. RoboThink is

The struggle to educate your children at home can now begin at RoboThink, as STEM-related jobs are on the rise. We will help to bring in the routine of learning at home, especially in the UK, where almost 32,160 schools and colleges are now shut due to the pandemic. 

At RoboThink, we offer E-Steam Programs Online, an innovative solution to teaching, which is learning through apps, videos, websites, and other digital means. Teaching will be through interactive sessions and hands-on guidance from Master Engineers. 

What’s there for the children?

Children will love the live classroom environment where a major part of the learning is done through engaging and entertaining skill programs. Get equipped with key skills that will unlock jobs for tomorrow through home-learning experience. 

Within a short period, your young ones can learn new technology through online virtual classroom teaching. It is said that the number of STEM jobs will see a growth of 13 percent between 2017 and 2027. This growth rate is far higher than that of non-STEM jobs which is at 9 percent. 

An encouraging Idea!

Digitalization has brought in a home-schooling situation. This form of education is gaining support from the government, education professionals, publishers, and technology providers. Telecom network operators are providing the framework to help children use the digital platform towards improving the knowledge of children aged 7 and above.

Interest in bringing in an educational digital revolution is especially welcomed by the private sector educational institutions. Giant companies like Google and Microsoft are also motivated to cater to this segment of the education sector.  

How is it done?

We use the digital realm to teach children valuable skills in various sectors of education like Entrepreneurial skill, Engineering, Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Art by reaching out to them through online classes. Your child will be endowed with various skills such as informed decision making and creative problem-solving. 

Our online programs are conducted by Master Engineers on the virtual classroom platform who will be feeding fresh knowledge through coding skills to young minds. Screentime will become productive and kindle the creative instinct in them.  

If you have children aged 7 and above, you can introduce them to our online workshops where screen time is filled with learning and fun in ways not limited to- 

  • Build video games
  • Fun-filled activities like learning coding skills under the guidance of our master instructors.
  • Develop logical thinking, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking skills.  

RoboThink Online virtual classrooms provide coding skills under the guidance of our master instructor.  Face to face video instruction will be provided with instructor-led teaching. 

You will be introduced to various trending topics like Introduction to Coding, Introduction to Python, Video Game Design, and Video Game Design. RoboThink Online virtual classroom lessons will be under the guidance of our master instructors from across the globe through the RoboThink Online forum. Instructor-led teaching will be achieved through online classes.

The need for time, preparedness

With almost all schools being closed in the UK due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can make use of this online opportunity to impart knowledge to the younger generation, the pillars of tomorrow. It is an unpredictable world and amassing skills during this period of lockdown is the best way to utilize it, as Nelson Mandela, rightly said, “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world”.

If you are interested, you can sign up your child for a class. You can choose your trial classes from the various courses offered, mentioned.Screen time becomes productive as knowledge and skill entwine with fun. Sign up for RoboThink classes via

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