Closing the UK skills gap using hands-on robotics

As an enthusiast in education, you can bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and true industrial requirements through hands-on-robotics education. At RoboThink, we help you teach fundamental STEM concepts along with Robotics through a learning platform that gives priority to hands-on experimentation. STEM fields which include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are very important to build a good future for the current generation. 

Robotics is a high growth industry that is in great demand. You can teach children to apply electronics in real life through a simple approach. The skill gap is on the increase, as the need for knowledge in robotics is greater than what is currently available. STEM education is important to shape technical talent in childhood. With robotics and STEM, your children will gain interdisciplinary knowledge. You can teach children to create robots.  

Earn with STEM Education

If you are interested in technology and robots, you can start your own rewarding kids’ education business, once you become our franchisee. 

  • You can pursue your favorite interests while making money from it. Under our business model, it will not only be your hobby but will also give you a monthly turnover of many euros. 
  • We implement various training models which will make your teaching process very easy. 
  • It is an all-season business when you club robotics through STEM education and you will love every minute of it. 

Closing the Skill Gap among Children

The IT education market is an ever-expanding space for children and teenagers, but the skill gap in UK education has been widening. You can close the UK skill gap by using hands-on-robotics. 

  • Even students who have completed a graduate course from a recognized university are not industry-ready. 
  • Theoretical knowledge has to be applied in practical life to truly understand fundamental concepts, which is the core method of teaching through STEM studies. 
  • Prepare children to attend interviews with top companies with the required concepts by providing a clear understanding of basic concepts.  
  • With tailor-made courses and properly trained instructors, you will provide the right set up for a robotics environment. Students will be trained to build robots, understand robots, and the logic in a practical environment. 

Aristotle once said, “For the things to be learned, learn them by doing them”. This is precisely what hands-on-robotics is all about.  RoboThink helps you to build citizens of tomorrow with hands-on experience in learning.

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